From: Mike C, The "Go To Guy" For Break Up Couples

If you've been wallowing in misery lately over an ex you can't stop thinking about, then you've come to the right place. Please take your time to read this entire page for it will be the turning point of your life!

Break ups are extremely difficult for most people in a love relationship. Being apart from the one you were once romantically involved with is one of the most painful ordeals you can ever face. You've shared a special bond together and now it is lost.

What if you can make up with your ex, the true love of your life? Not just temporarily, but permanently? Not only physically, but their heart, mind and soul?

What if you can travel back time and undo the things which led to this awful break up, like you just woke up from a horrible nightmare? Even if everything seems to be too late, complicated or simply hopeless for you to do anything?

I know you're now feeling real upset and trying your best to cope with the hurt and heartache. I understand that, because I've been in your shoes and walked down that miserable path before. The emotions I was feeling then were probably similar to what you're feeling right now. Pain. Confusion. Sorrow. Disappointment. Even anger. That is a nice way of putting it.

In truth, I was a mess. It felt like someone or something was constantly pulling on my heart and the stress and anxiety was relentless. I just want to stop the heart-wrenching torture and find the inner peace I desperately crave. So, I won't be going on about how you're dealing with yours right now.

You already know how difficult it is to wake up every morning and stop dreaming that your ex is just right sleeping by your side. You can't bear to listen to any songs as some of them are a painful reminder of your ex.

You don't even dare to dine at the same restaurants which you used to go together with them. To make things worse, you may only have a few people you can count on because most are siding with your ex when you two broke up.

If you think this is the end of your relationship...

Do you know that almost all relationships can be salvaged, if done properly and correctly? I've personally met and heard of couples who got back together under the most dramatic circumstances or worst scenarios imaginable.

Examples of which are being made bankrupt, having multiple affairs, physically abused by violent partners and even been put into jail! Yes, ex-convicts have got back together with their girlfriends/boyfriends or wives/husbands even after being locked up behind bars for decades!

There is still hope for you!

Don't throw in the towel too early but be rational on how you progress forward if you wish to retain hopes of getting your ex back.

The first instinct most people have after a break up is to react immediately which works out to be a mistake 99% of the time. It is best to allow things to cool off as each party needs time to think, reflect and evaluate. It is also critical to assess the situation objectively and honestly.

The reason the relationship ended does have bearing on the course of action required on winning back your ex and whether retrieval is an option or not.

For example, if the relationship ended because your ex found someone else, attempting to get him or her back could be humiliating and a futile effort, depending on how serious he or she is about the new found love. In this scenario, self-control and restraint are the best options to consider.

If, on the other hand, the relationship ended because of differences in opinions, financial burdens, career difficulties, dependencies or incompatibilities, the possibility of reconciliation is highly possible and even very promising.

There are countless couples getting back together and patching up their relationships everyday. I'm pretty sure you know of someone who got back with their ex even when it seems to be impossible.

Could there really be some hidden tricks, secret recipes or weird love spells which enable them to re-ignite the missing spark in their relationship and get back their lost love again, even when the situation looks bleak?

I can tell you without a doubt there is no such mumbo jumbo. Most of those reunited couples got back together by accident. They may happen to say the right things at the right time or at least create the opportunities where their ex gave them a second chance. I repeat again, these are all purely accidental!

Imagine what if all the things they said or the actions they did can be recorded and "bottled up"? And you can "unbottle" and use them? To erase past hurts, wipe the slate clean, restore passion back into your failed relationship or even turn back to a time when your relationship was new, fresh and so full of love?

Literally a love cure!

You see, there is a formula for love as well as a system for getting your ex back and making them fall in love with you again!

What if those reconciled couples have done right accidentally can be repeated over and over again on your own choosing?

I can see you shaking your head skeptically now. If I'm you, I would too, so it is totally fine with me because I'll be going to show you some concrete proof.

Leaving the radio off because most songs make you cry.
Loss of appetite or taste in food.
Binge eating junk food for solace.
Calling your ex several times a day.
Drunk-dialling them in the middle of the night.
Text messaging and emailing them constantly (text message terrorism).
Regularly checking your text messages and emails to see if they replied.
Not going out because you have no mood.
Thinking non-stop about why they really left you.
Feeling massively depressed.
Having strong urges to stalk or spy on them.
Endlessly rehearsing what you will say if you bump into them.

And when you do finally get hold of them, it usually turns ugly because without a clear plan of what you are supposed to do, what happens? Panic, defensiveness, arguments and then it gets really nasty. These will repell your ex away, instead of attracting them back to you again.

Trying to convince your ex that you are the true love of their life.
Apologize profusely for everything even if you are not to be blamed.
Promise to change for the better this time.
Attempt to get them to see that it was not really your mistake.
Begging and pleading with them to take you back.

And of course with every single word you utter, regardless of your explanation, the more repulsive, angry and distant they become.

Please know that this is not your fault! You weren’t taught this in school. You probably weren’t taught this by your parents and there is no "get your ex back" seminars.

It is really a shame too because what could be more important than love? Clothes? Cars? Money?

Then why are there all kinds of books, magazines and help on following the latest fashion trends, fixing different kinds of vehicles and managing cash assets? Yet there are practically no useful information on how to mend a broken relationship, handle your emotions or getting the love of your life back?

All that has changed now.

Please give me a moment to introduce myself formally. My name is Mike C and I'm going to be upfront here by declaring that I'm not a love guru, relationship coach, professional counsellor or even a certified psychologist. In fact, I might piss off these academic types and I'll tell you why in a short while.

I've been working as a wealth management consultant for nearly a decade and I specialize in financial planning for couples. These clients are folks who are planning to get married, just got married, planning to get a house, planning to have a baby, planning for their children's education or even planning for their own retirement.

Therefore, we often discuss about the intricacies of relationships and how financial mismanagement can disrupt a loving relationship or even marriage.

There are many occassions when my clients see me not as a professional consultant to solve their money issues, but as a close confidant to lend a listening ear to their relationship woes.

This is because I've shared with them openly about my past failed relationships and how I manage to learn from those experiences and maintain my current one successfully which they greatly admired.

Since my job also involves sales of financial products, I've learnt the art of reading people and deciphering their behavior, to the point where I can guide my clients to influence their ex's decisions and actions. I'm also able to give unbiased opinions and suggestions from a third person's perspective. All of these enable my clients to recover their strained relationships in most cases.

In fact, I become so good at doing this that my clients not only recommend friends to me for financial advice, but people experiencing break ups too. I emerge to be their "go to guy" whenever they've problems with their finance or relationships and they know they can count on me for top quality help.

As time passes, I've clocked up long hours of precious experiences assisting my clients to put their relationships back together even after falling apart and I've begun to pen down the whole process and document my thoughts on exactly what causes a relationship to stick or break.

At this juncture, I must strongly warn you that my methods are highly unconventional. I get relationship counsellors and the academic types really freaked out because they charge obscene fees per hour (sometimes stretching for months and even years) while I can whisper just one of my techniques in my client's ear and when he follows it, the next thing you know, he is back home on the sofa and watching DVDs together with his girlfriend. No longer apart, feeling lonely and quarrelling with his girl anymore!

Now, you're free to make up your own mind about me, but I doubt that any amount of time sitting in a classroom or taking an exam can compare to the real life experiences that I've under my belt.

I mean, what is a more valuable experience? Listening to someone's lecture on stocks or being there at the stock exchange personally trading shares?

I don’t know about you, but my money is on the guy with the real stock trading experience any other day.

If you're still with me here, I'm guessing you've relationship troubles too? If you do, I think I can help.

If you've broken up and want to get your guy or gal back, obviously I can’t be right beside you teaching my methods now, but I've done what I believe to be the next best alternative.

I've put my numerous years of experiences into a really easy to follow blueprint for getting back together with your ex and again I forewarn you right now, these are techniques and strategies that are not conventional wisdom and I'm very certain you've never read or heard these methods anywhere before.

How To Successfully Take Your Relationship From Break Up To Make Up So You Can Get Back With Your Ex And Share A Beautiful And Rewarding Relationship
How To Stop Continuously Thinking And Obsessing About Your Lost Love And Conquer Your Break Up With Your Heart Intact
How To Create A Fresh Beginning And Explore Each Other All Over Again Which Will Be The Perfect Start To A New And Improved Relationship
How To Thoroughly Enjoy A Complete Peace Of Mind Even If You Are Both Apart Now

Caters To Normal Folks Just Like You, Written In A Simple To Follow Format, That Is Not Boggled Down By Fluff Or Filler Content. Over 100 Pages Of Pure Content
Learn How To Start Picking Up The Pieces To Win Back Your Ex When The Emotional Dust Settles From The Relationship
Grasp The Right Information That Will Guide You In Positive Decision Making Processes To Help You Get Back Your Ex
Sets In Motion An Action Plan Which Takes Advantage Of Your Strengths And Improves Your Weaknesses
And So Much More!

And I’ll tell you my formula works, maybe too well!

Honestly speaking, I get a little panicked about just how efficient Make Up With Ex works and worry that it may fall into the wrong hands. I only want to help good people with no ill intentions. However, I don’t want to benefit heartless jerks to get their girls back who would be better off without them. I absolutely do not want to aid a manipulative vixen to snatch away a married man.

Like a double-edged sword, these concepts and principles can be used for the greater good or grievous harm.

Stalkers with ulterior motives.
People with personal protection or restraining orders.
Anyone with unstable mental conditions.
Violent and physically abusive people.
People who are determined to seek revenge by harming their ex.
Other nut-cases, cuckoos or psychopaths.

There are no impossible situations!

It is my humble opinion that there are really no such relationships that can't be solved. I've encountered women who not only wait for their men for months, but take back men who have spent years in prison and I've witnessed men take unfaithful women back who have had more than one affair. How amazing is that?

What I've noticed in helping so many different folks so often, is that I learn and understand the underlying reasons and motives as to why their ex took them back which lay hidden out of sight from most people.

Once you personally know and is given just a little guidance on what to do and when to do it, it will be akin to being handed the cure for your broken relationship.

This is because not only will you be able to get your ex back, you'll also be much better equipped to keep them long into the future. Isn't that great news?

No matter the situation, you must always have hope but hope alone isn't enough to win back the love of your life. Sitting around hoping that they'll return to you without being armed with the proper tools and tactics to help tip the balance in your favor is asking for failure.

Which is why you need a little help along the way and that is what you're going to get now. Let us find out what is inside Make Up With Ex and how it is going to change your life today:

It uses the latest psychological (there is no manipulation or trickery involved) techniques that are subtle but extremely powerful. These are virtually unheard of as you won’t find this within any other products out there. Your ex will think it is their idea to get back together!

It will teach you to get your ex to do whatever you want them to do without uttering a single word. This is one of the biggest relationship secrets around and no one is teaching it!

How to reverse the roles so that you are the “rejecter” and your ex is the “rejected”. Your ex may even make the first move to initiate contact with you!

How to quickly ease your break up pains, mend your broken heart and get your ex back right now - even if your lover is far away from you, stubborn, resistant and you feel like your situation is completely and utterly hopeless!

Are they with someone else now? Why this is not nearly as catastrophic as it first appears and how to use the fact that 90% of rebound relationships never work out to your advantage!

How to use the ____ _______ technique and get instant relief from emotional break up pain and depression. You will feel better within minutes!

Discover the tell tale signs your ex leaves that say you still have a special place in their heart. This is all you need to know if they still care. Period!

When is the right time to apologize? In the appropriate circumstance, just one good apology will land you back in their arms while other times, an apology will blow up in your face and hurt your future chances!

Exactly what to say and what to do to get your ex back on a date. Follow my instructions and it will be easy as pie because it will seem so natural. This has worked well thousands of times!

When should you have sex during the reconciliation process? Both men and women get this totally wrong!

Learn the various triggers that pull your ex emotionally towards you, remove their current resistance they have for you and making them fear the prospect of losing you for good, therefore enticing them to chase you as hard if not harder than ever before!

Were you the one having an affair? How to use the _____ _____ method combined with other proven techniques and be forgiven in the shortest possible time!

Attract your ex back with tactics that will get them to do most of the work to woo you back and obtain the secret to keep them hooked and addicted to you forever!

How to get your ex to initiate contact with you. I will reveal 3 ways of doing so. This will be one of the important step towards getting your ex back!

How to create and maintain a little mystery that can stir up your ex's curiosity about you and pulls them to you like a magnet. This strategy instantly recreates their interest in you, which is critical to your reconciliation.

Is it worthwhile to salvage the relationship or is there someone else out there more worthy of your love?

Strategies and activities that not only win back your ex, but also keep him or her from ever straying again.

Wish you can start over, take away hurtful things you have said or turn back time? Using both the _____ _____ method and ________ ___ _______ technique, you can do so quickly and easily!

Discover the top 10 mistakes to avoid if you genuinely want your ex back in your life. Failure to grasp these could keep your relationship in hibernation mode!

Where the source of the problem lies and how to stop it from sabotaging your relationship again.

You will have at your fingertips the information you need to capture your ex’s undivided attention by honing your flirting skills and by making all the right moves.

The fastest and shortest path back into their heart, mind and soul. This is so counter-intuitive it may never occur to you!

The technique so powerful which is partially responsible for the reason hostages sometimes bond with their kidnappers (Stockholm Syndrome). It is undetectable, unnoticeable and majority of the human population cannot defend against it. You will wield the power to bond or rebond with anyone, so please use it responsibly!

I almost did not include the _______ _________ method because it may be too potent. This psychological technique will influence your ex's mind into thinking you both are still together. This is done subconsciously and there is no defense against it!

Afraid you will just start fighting again once you are back together? How to diffuse arguments before they even start? This is so simple and works so well you will be amazed and it only takes one person!

Know how to push your ex's hot buttons directly after a break up. This is critical as it determines whether you can win them back!

Be confident, emotionally strong and irresistibly sexy so your ex won't be able to stand being away from you - even if they have a new love interest!

How your friends can work to your advantage or disadvantage. Knowing this one fact can eliminate problems before they happen. Discover how your friends can help you get back with your ex!

If you follow the steps correctly, your ex will not be able to get you out of their mind (it is just the way human minds are wired) and they will start calling you again. You will be shocked at the complete transformation your ex makes!

How to easily work out problems to ensure that your new relationship with your true love will not be derailed by previous problems.

Discover how to infuse energy and intimacy into your new relationship and be closer than ever after getting back your ex.

How to truly heal and ensure harmony in your future relationships.

And a whole lot more!

Let's make this a no-brainer for you.

Order Make Up With Ex today and you'll also enjoy the following goodies!

Bonus 1

Exclusive 2 Part Bonuses - Script Examples, Templates & Interactive Exercises

It has in-depth examples on letters, apologies and what to say when around your ex. I’ve been told this has been truly helpful as people learn best through real examples.
What to do and how to react if you bump into your ex or they even call you out of the blue.

Bonus 2

Special Bonus - Facebook Your Ex Back

Discover how you can use the social power of Facebook to get your ex back.
The deadly Facebook blunders you must absolutely avoid which can cause any chance of reuniting with your ex to disintegrate!

Bonus 3

How To Cheat Proof Your Relationship

Find out the common causes of cheating and the ways to deal with existing issues.
How to implement successful strategies to cheat proof your relationship after getting back your ex.

Bonus 4

Free Lifetime Updates For Make Up With Ex

I will always strive to make the system better, more complete and easier to follow. If new editions of Make Up With Ex are released, you will receive all updates absolutely free.

I will simply contact you through my private email newsletter for customers only and send you the instant download instructions so that you can stay totally up to date on the latest relationship repairing breakthroughs.

This is one of the awesome benefits of e-books. If a new edition of a hardcopy book is released, you have to go to the book store and buy it all over again. Not so with e-books. You get benefits for life!

By now, I bet you really want to see some solid evidence that this works? The best way I know to prove to you that my techniques really deliver is by showing you testimonials from real life people who have already used my strategies successfully.

I often get unsolicited emails from happy customers telling me how invaluable Make Up With Ex is and it has saved them from ending up alone, miserable and forever wondering "what if" about their relationships. Here are the success stories that I receive everyday from my inbox! I hope to add yours to the list too.
Thank You So Much For Your Help!
Hey Mike, I'm trembling now as I'm writing this. Trembling with joy because my girlfriend has finally said YES! We are back together again! I can't describe to you how happy I am to be back with her. Your guide really works and I'm so thankful that I've bought it. I was about to give up on my relationship and I can't imagine what the outcome would have been.

We haven't been talking for close to a month before I bought your guide. Everything was going downhill for us, but I was still shocked when she initiated a break up! After some reflection, I knew she was going to be my soulmate for life and I practically begged her to patch up with me, to no avail. Feeling desperate, I stumbled upon your site on Google and it gave me a lifeline!

The guide shows me step by step what I need to do and what I've been doing wrong. Even a simple apology which was underestimated by me had so much effect when done right. Some of your methods are so unconventional but the result speaks for itself! What I need to do, say and act were all written in a logical and simple manner. I knew from the way it was written that you had gone through the same path as me and put your heart in writing it. It gave me a glimmer of hope and my effort in following the instructions paid off!

This experience has taught me to treasure my girlfriend and the time we spent together. The concepts you laid out also worked well with the people around us, like my family, friends and colleagues. I'm also pleasantly surprised that I can earn some commissions when recommending your guide. I would do it for free man! That is how grateful I am towards you for turning my life around.

Sorry for the long email, but I feel that is the least I should do for helping me reunite with my love. My gratitude for you is endless while my love and bonding with my girlfriend has also increased more than ever. Oh, I have also paypaled you an additional $50. Selling this guide for $49 is really a steal! The information you provided is priceless!

Thank you again for setting up your site and helping broken up couples to get back together again in an everlasting relationship. Please continue doing what you are doing and I'll definitely spread the word of your site.

Warmest regards,
Gary N

Wow...Your Strategies Work!
I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you. What a difference your books made not only in my personal life, but my love life as well. Yes, I did win him back. Yes, I am a more whole and complete person! Wow, our relationship is wonderful, he's wonderful, and me....I'm just thankful. The guide is well worth the price. Thanks again.

Elsa M

Just Order It!
I wanted to give you an update to my situation and thank you. Your advice does work very well. I can not express my gratitude for you taking time out of your crazy schedule to help others. I have been religously studying and practicing your information now for about 4 months now and it has totally changed my life!

My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years and I broke up 5 months ago and it was devastating. With your advice I creatively got her attention after being broke up for about 4 months, and we were able to meet for dinner. This is amazing seeing as how I was ready to give up on life and down in the dumps only a half year ago. thanks sooooooo much!!

For those still considering, just order it! You will make a wise choice like me!

Bob T

Blessing And A Shining Light!
Just a note to say thank you so very much for your book. I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first and almost didn't order it. But I was so desperate and in so much pain that I thought that if I could just learn one thing to help me feel better that it would be worth it.

Not only did I feel better, but I learned a lot, about myself and why things were the way they were in my life. The well meaning advice from friends and relatives did not help me at all. The comments about my ex-boyfriend being a "jerk, asshole, loser, etc." did nothing to ease the pains in my heart..

Thank you, thank you, thank you... your book is a blessing and a shining light in the pain of darkness.

God bless,
Terri L

Got My Boyfriend Back!
I just wanted to let you know that I got my boyfriend back after 9 months of using your program. I am so happy and grateful that I found you. My life has changed so much: from a person who used to worry about everything I became a happy person who laughs everyday and enjoy life to the fullest.

I also moved in my own apartment and don’t live with my parents anymore (I used to argue with them a lot) I am also continually learning how to make the new relationship that I have with my boyfriend last because I truly feel that he is the one for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful book and program. God bless you.

Stephie H

A Gift Of Life And Love!
I’m sending you this 2nd message to tell you how much your ebook is a gift of life and love to me. As I read it every day, I’m amazed to discover how my understanding is progressing in such a beautiful way!! It has become a nice and deep spiritual exercise. So much that I must pay attention not to fly into a “mental trip”…LOL! Thank you so much… and I know I will keep reading the book again during the next days.

Kevin B

This Is So Freakingly Simple!
Hi Mike! After almost destroying a precious relationship with the woman of my dreams---I exhaustedly crawled over to the computer and Googled "make up with my ex".Immediately, I bought your book, and read it completely, on the spot…Now I have a proven way to cure the problem, thereby attracting her back! I know it is not easy, but it is POSSIBLE! Thank you for going ahead with writing the book. I cannot believe it is so freakingly simple!

Doug K

If you feel stuck where you are right now and your emotional life is in limbo after the break up, you'll need this system to give you a helping hand.

Why spend lonely days and nights frustrated and trying to figure out what went wrong when you've all the tools you’ll ever need to work by your side and win back the love of your life?

Sometimes life jolts us back to reality when we lose the one we love. Maybe we just didn’t see it coming or it has already been building for a while but you just didn’t want to accept that the writing was already on the wall.

View this as a turning point of your life and an opportunity to make a positive change in yourself, one that can be character-defining and transforms you into a better person.

You don’t always have to accept what happens to you and no matter if you feel defeated, there is always something that you can do and you can start helping yourself by securing your copy of the Make Up With Ex system. It is a step towards the positive direction and an investment in yourself.

Ask yourself what is the price you have to pay for your loved one to return to your waiting arms?

A lifetime of regret or...



Try $49!

That's right, one measly investment of $49 is all it takes for you to get started right now and rest assured there are no hidden fees or ongoing costs involved with Make Up With Ex.

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Yes, it really is that simple.

If you're still having any lingering doubts about trying out my system, then let me put your mind at ease as I'm going to offer an iron-clad "Get Your Ex Back" or "Get Your Money Back" guarantee where there is zero risk for you!

It can’t get better than that. If you're still not ready to try out my system without any risk at all, then perhaps you don't feel that strongly about your ex after all. If you value buying a new dress or purchasing a new video game more than getting them back, this may not be for you.

However, since you've come this far, you're proven to be one of the people who is serious about rescuing your relationship and feeling enough connection with your ex that you're willing to invest some effort in winning them back.

If you’re going to turn the odds in your favor, chances are what you did in the past didn't work, otherwise your ex will be with you right now.

You can rip off the shackles of a doomed relationship and get back your ex but you need to find a different strategy in order to do it and that is what we're here for.

So if you want a fair shot of winning back your ex, then here is your chance. Take it. Grab your copy of Make Up With Ex now, you've everything to gain and nothing to lose.

So there you go, no excuses for you to put my system to the test and gain back your life with your love in it!

I understand that with the Make Up With Ex system I've invested, the information will help me get my fractured relationship back on track.

I understand that when I order the Make Up With Ex system, I'll receive the Make Up With Ex comprehensive guide, an exclusive 2 part bonuses, Facebook Your Ex Back, How To Cheat Proof Your Relationship and free lifetime updates.

I understand that if for any reason whatsoever that I'm not satisfied with the Make Up With Ex system, I can request for a full refund within the 30 days period and I'm guaranteed to receive 100% of my money back.

Zero Monthly Fees - 100% Risk-Free!
Just A One Time Investment Of...
Make Up With Ex
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The information, strategies and techniques you'll receive in Make Up With Ex have helped thousands of men and women just like you win back the heart, mind and soul of the ones they love. Will you allow me to help you too?

It would be my honor and I realize that since we've just known each other, I'm sure you may have something on your mind like these:

Who is suitable for Make Up With Ex?
Anyone as long as you feel that your relationship is breaking up. Men, women, married, unmarried, about to be married, young and old are all welcome to read my guide and rescue their relationship. Even if you haven't officially broken up yet, but already feeling the signs of strain in your relationship.

What if it doesn’t work for me?
It is my opinion, like I mentioned earlier, that there are really no impossible situations. But, if for some weird reason it doesn’t work for you or even if you're not satisfied for any reason like some basic grammar mistakes I made, please request a refund from me. In fact, you've a full 30 days before you decide. I will bear all the risk. You may even get to keep the guide and all the bonuses. How cool is that?

Can't I just find this information for free online?
I love to find stuff for free too, but I know for sure that the only place on the planet that you can get your hands on what is inside Make Up With Ex is right here. See, I've spent hours researching what is available online and some of it is tepidly ok, but you don’t get the whole picture and reading an article or two without really understanding what you're doing can really hurt your chances rather than improve them.

What about the other "Get Your Ex Back" books?
What about my so-called competition? Fair question, I can sum up what my "competition" charges you in just one sentence as I've bought them all. Do you want to hear it? Ok, here is what nearly every single one of them tells you in just a different way.

"Do not contact your ex and during that period, work on improving yourself."

That's it! Can you believe it? This is what they tell you to do for every single situation! Some take 50 pages to say it, some take more and some give a little more decent advice, but actually they all lack the essential knowledge that you really need!

Furthermore, most of them even overload you with excessive unnecessary theories which don't even answer your biggest questions and concerns. The worst are those which provided quick fix solutions that don't last and end up causing more unhappiness as couples rush back into a relationship only to find all the old problems still exist.

There are some cases where all you really need is a good apology. Apologize the right way (like how I show you in Make Up With Ex) and you and your ex will be back together in a lasting long term relationship.

When will I receive Make Up With Ex?
You'll receive it immediately after you've ordered because it is a downloadable book (e-book) in PDF format so it is viewable on PCs as well as Macs. You don't have to wait. In fact, it is ready any time of the day or night. That means even if it is 2am at where you're living, you can still order and receive your guide within seconds.

All you need is Adobe Reader. If you don't have the software, you can access it from the member's area absolutely free. You'll have it on your hard drive and in your hands (if you've printed it out) in moments. It is very safe, reliable and so easy that even a caveman can do it.

What if I've a question about something in Make Up With Ex?
Terrific! It would be my pleasure to give you a helping hand and I'll give you my email address within the guide. There is also a resources page where I listed all the useful sources for your reference. I won't ever leave you in the dark to figure things out on your own.

I really want you to be successful in getting back the love of your life. I'll take you by the hand and:

Get you in the right frame of mind (panic mode won’t work).
Assess where you are in the heart of your ex.
Give you a step-by-step proven blueprint to get you where you want to go.
Teach you what you need to do to keep them once you are both reconciled.

So give yourself this golden opportunity to get your ex back where he or she belongs:

With their arms wrapped tightly around you.
With their lips sweetly on yours.
With their eyes gazing only on you.
With them whispering sweet nothings in your ears.
With them having passionate sex with you.
With them confessing that they love you and will never leave you again.

Just envision yourself getting back together and being able to:

Listen to music again without being tortured by past memories.
Go about your day with a light heart and a clear head.
Recover back your appetite and enjoy eating your beloved dishes.
Sleep restfully again and with your love by your side.
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Stop being green with envy everytime you spot a happy couple.

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I won't try to hype things up by saying my system will only be available for a limited time because it is not. However, everyday that you don’t take action or go without proper guidance, you’re missing out on the above images and the desired life you could be having. Sadly, it is also another day your ex could be out forming emotional connections with the opposite sex and leaving all of your fond memories behind!

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PS: the information contained inside Make Up With Ex is to help you evaluate and determine what is best for you, your ex and your future together or apart. This system is also designed to fill the void of loneliness and promote positive reflection towards the best course of action for your relationship with or without your ex.

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Remember, every moment you wait makes it harder to get them back because time is of the essence in which their indifference towards you grows. It is indifference and not hate that is your biggest enemy right now. There is no need to be depressed when you can make a fresh start from this point onwards.

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Last PS: I'll leave you with more of my customers' success stories.
Avoid Going Through A Divorce!
Mike, Hi! Let me begin by telling you that your Make Up With Ex book is the best ever. I just know it will work out with my wife and I. The strategies in your guide teaches me not only to be able to avoid going through a divorce but also how to be a better person and partner of my wife. It is really an eye opener and I am sure those in need of relationship help will love it.

Thanks much,
Sudhindra T

It Permanently Changed My Life!
Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Your E-book has permanently changed my life. I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me! Having my girl-friend back into my life is so priceless and I can not imagine a day without her. I now know my mistakes and our love is growing strong once more. Thank You!

Bill A

You Are An Absolute Gem!
I have read your ebook. what a revelation and such common are an absolute gem! I have been alone for so long now. I really hope that I have found someone to laugh with and enjoy life. I just need to learn the steps and follow your wisdom. Strength is mine. I am sure I will win back my man's heart.

Thanks for the great program,
Susie W

What An Amazing Impact!
I can't even begin to tell you how amazing of an impact the information on your web site has given me!! I now have a much clearer picture of what my part of the "inner workings" of my relationship with my husband is now and where it comes from...

I'm currently pursuing my Associates degree in Communication. My goal is to someday be a motivational speaker/writer and/or "life coach"...relationship coach!! You've inspired me to keep working in pursuit of my goal more than you know !!

Brenda J

Everything Is Falling Into Place!
I just have to thank you Mike. The more i read this ebook, the more everything makes sense. It's like everything is starting to fall into place. I am telling everyone about your program! You deserve much credit for coming up with this book.

Thank you,
Ronald P

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